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...before you become members of that undyingly enviable high school elite.

Middle school, that hellish, shaky bridge you all must cross... To be late for your first class on your first day of school.

They probably won't do that because I filled a very excellent quota. You think you can do whatever you want because your face is messed up?

What if I take my new car, get some hookers and drive to Mexico?

Now and then they clean up graffiti-- This is my kid. How often do you think about things that happen outside of this town? All right, so we're not global thinkers yet, but why aren't we? If there is a word you hear that you don't understand, there's a dictionary. And there are these dictionaries which you will carry at all times... because in this class, we' re going to Learn to Love words...

So, you'll Like, flunk us if we don't change the world?

..yet you Look around you and you don't Like what the world is.


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