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Keep the chill out of your bones by sipping warmed mulled wine as your browse the Christmas market stalls at London’s Winter Wonderland, sample delicious hot foods at Victorian-themed winter festivals, and pick up the perfect gift at one of many Christmas events around the country.The Exeter Christmas Market will represent the best of what Britain, the South West and the rest of Europe has to offer – with a mix of great food, excellent crafts, unique gifts and decorations.Now the books and tv show are catching up enough that I feel like I can release it.Also, lets craps are given in general about everything. In the public imagination, there are two sides to the Internet coin.There is a shiny side, celebrated in numerous government policies and programs, which holds out the promise of a new economy based on access to unlimited information, new and exciting curricula and schooling that will engage children and young people in purposeful and useful activity.

Involvement in it can become the most ‘real’ world in which you act, as Sherry Turtle puts it, quoting one of her informants, ‘RL’ (‘Real Life’). Currently the sites where these experiments with the presentation of self are most common are in text–based chatrooms, but chatrooms are themselves changing, being linked to ‘reality TV’, becoming hybridised with SMS (text messaging) and extending into other forms.

In this paper we describe a particular set of Internet–based interactions that have great appeal to young people but create most anxiety among parents and other adults. In the main they were concerned about security rather than pornography, which they saw as amusing rather than harmful.

During the period 2000–2002 we conducted more than 200 interviews with children and young people and conducted case studies in homes, schools, libraries, cybercafes and other places where the Internet is accessed. But it was also clear from our interviews that many were more active in chatrooms than their parents and other adults realised.

Some of the practices adopted by these young people are surprising and counter to the conventional advice given by official authorities.


The Internet — both a public good and a danger to children Experiments with identity Advancing the argument through case study Katerina’s story Rania’s story Stefanos’ story Dimitra’s story Fivos’ story Mary’s (Dafni’s mother) story Discussion The Internet and the young Drugs and technology Harm minimisation and Internet safety?

Our interviews suggest that part of the appeal of chatrooms for the young lies in the opportunities that they provide to experiment with extended or alternative identities.



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